What's left when the show is over..

Cornmeal - 06/02/11, Wakarusa

Wakarusa 2011, Thursday Night. Day 1 of Wakarusa was hot. We're always looking forward to a Cornmeal set, particularly at Mulberry. Their late set hear last year at Harvest Fest was a total brain melt, and the set the year prior's performance on the Backwoods stage was one of the definitive Cornmeal shows that people still talk about.

Sadly, Cornmeal landed the 9:30-10:30 slot, which isn't ideal for an outfit known for it's insane late night sets. It was also a really short slot, one that isn't conducive to the kind of tranced out jams that's Cornmeal's hallmark. As a result, this one felt a bit like one of their bar sets, as they really didn't have enough time to wind up to their usual festival frenzy.

At any rate, here's the gallery: