What's left when the show is over..

From the Vaults - MilkDrive 09/18/10 Shots Up.

So going back to Winfield 2010..

The Greencards had finished their set, and Kym Warner and I were just tooling around checking stuff out, and he asked me if I'd ever seen MilkDrive. I'd never even heard of them. Kym said they were beyond bad ass (high praises coming from one of my favorite mando players in one of my favorite bands).

They were BEYOND bad ass. Holy shit, the chops the chops the chops. I spent the next hour and a half pathetically attempting to get my jaw off the ground. Kym ended up sitting in with them.

While shot in the most horrible light imaginable (fluorescents from hell) with an absolute horrid PA (Peavey SP2's hanging from the ceiling by ropes), it didn't matter. These guys melted faces like nobody's business.

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