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Yonder Mountain Harvest Festival Preview

Yonder Mountain Harvest Festival 2012
Well, it's that time again..

And this years YMHF looks to be killer.

Harvest is always one of our favorite festivals of the year, and for good reason.  Crowd sizes are reasonable, the environment is beyond chill, and the lineup is excellent.

Mark's Don't Miss Sets For 2012:

Wednesday Night:

For those of you taking advantage of the Early Arrival bit, don't forget to check out Tyrannosaurus Chicken (8:45-10PM) and Dead Man Flats (10:30-11:45) at the Backwoods Stage, and for those looking for some electronic infused jams, check out Mouth (11:30-12:30AM) on the Roost Stage.


On the Main Stage we've got Mountain Sprout (3:30-4:15) followed by Dirtfoot (4:45-6:00PM).

If you haven't caught Don't Stop Please yet, you can check them out at The Roost Stage (5:00-6:00PM).

My late night pick for Thursday is Omaha NE's Blue Martian Tribe at the Roost Stage (12:30-1:30AM).  I did sound for these guys at Festie Fest earlier this year, and if you're into spacey Jams, these guys are the ticket.


My Friday Picks include:

Chompdown with Dirtfoot back in RV Reserved, come get some free breakfast and an early morning dose of Dirtfoot.  (9AMish)

Deadman Flats (12:30-130PM) Main Stage, followed by the ever so awesome Elephant Revival (2:00-3:15).

On from that is Grass Crack at the Roost Stage (3:30-4:30)

It's a bit of a tough call between Sam Bush at the Main Stage (5:30-7:00) or Moonalice (6:00-7:30PM). I love Sam Bush, but the John Molo / Barry Sless combination in Moonalice is hard to pass by as well. May have to flip a coin for this one.

Then back to the Main Stage for the Mickey Hart Band (7:30-9:30).

Then we have another tight call between Leftover Salmon at the Harvest Tent (12:30-2:00AM) or Split Lip Rayfield  at the backwoods stage (12:30-2:00AM).  Being as I get to catch Split Lip fairly frequently I think I'll have to nod to Leftover Salmon this go round.

And finally Cornmeal's Harvest Tent set (2:30-3:30AM) is a slam dunk no brainer.  Which takes us into:


Moonalice on the Main Stage (12:00-1:15PM) if I don't catch them on Friday, and if I do then Truckstop Honeymoon at the Backwoods stage (12:00-1:00PM).

Then back to the Main Stage for Cornmeal (1:45-3:00PM), cutting out a bit early to truck back to the Backwoodstage for Elephant Revival (3:00-4:15PM).

At this point I'll either grab early dinner or late lunch as the case may be or catch the tail end of Split Lip Rayfield's main stage set (3:30-5:00PM) or possibly White Ghost Shivers (4:45-6:00PM) on the Backwoods Stage.

Then we're back to the Main Stage for Leftover Salmon (7:30-9:00PM), and a bit of a break to refuel for the final push with Mountain Sprout (12:30-2:00AM) on the Backwoods stage.

And to close it out we'll head back to the Harvest Tent for Dirtfoot (2:30-3:30AM).

In between there's tons of stuff going on.  For the second year Harvest will be holding various flat picking, fiddling an banjo competitions,  If you wander around in RV reserved at the right time you just might catch a rare performance by Without Annette.  The Vibe Tribe folks will be hosting various workshops, and Lacey Yarbrough will be teaching a class on Hoop Construction on Saturday @ 12:00PM @ The Roost.

All in all, another epic Harvest fest awaits us.  Time to get packing..