What's left when the show is over..

MilkDrive 06/08/11 Shots Up.

This was my second trip down to The Kessler Theater. The first was for a Killdares show a couple months back. I'd lived in Dallas for years, and had no clue this venue was even there (then again it's way down on the South side).

What an amazing venue. Astoundingly good acoustics (probably one of the best venues in town), a KILLER PA (really nice Midas out front, good mics, bad ass outboard gear) and just a really neat little venue.

This was a pretty bizarre show though, as it was a "Dinner" thing. Apparently 4 times a year they bring in a famous DFW are chef to cook dinner. Sadly, the band is more or less background music, and it was more like more. So much so, the people talking over dinner nearly drowned out an excellent set. They won a few converts in the process though, and the venue owner was seriously impressed (which isn't hard at all with these guys).

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