What's left when the show is over..

Hoots and Hellmouth - 06/02/2011, Wakarusa

One of the things I've grown to really love about festies at Mulberry Mountain, is looking for the "great new find"..

It was Mulberry Mountain that led me to Mountain Sprout, and as a result of that, BMB, Tchicken, Whistle Pigs, DMF, Dirtfoot, Carrie Nation and most of my other favorite bands these days.

While this wasn't Hoot's and Hellmouth's first trip to the Mountain, due to schedule conflicts in the past, this was the first time I got to check them out.

Astounding. Seriously, these guys kick major hiney. As a result, Hoots and Hellmouth were one of the two "great new finds" of Wakarusa 2011. So much so, we rearranged our schedule a bit the following day to catch their other set as well.

If you find them in your neck of the woods, it'd be well worth your time to check them out.

The gallery is here: