What's left when the show is over..

Mountian Sprout 06/04/11 Shots Up.

Wakarusa. The Saturday Late Night slot on the Backwoods stage. It was very much Sprout time on Mulberry Mountain.

Sprout sets have have this tendency to be a high speed descent into pure chaos and reckless abandon, some moreso than others. I remember Adam commenting a while back that "the blessing and the curse of this band is people don't care if we're hammered". While every Sprout set is always a blast and immense fun, there's been some sets that are technically, um.. somewhat less than perfection. Adam's right, in that it usually doesn't matter as the loyal Sprout fans wouldn't even notice if a vocal line wasn't dead nuts on time, because all of us are singing along at the top of our lungs anyways.

Not the case with this set. The guys brought their "A" game. Hell, they brought their "A" game, cubed it, and then squared that for good measure. This was probably the tightest Sprout set I've seen to date. Energy wise, it was right up there with last years epic set from harvest fest.

It was the playing. Blayne's patent pending little interludes he manages to squeeze in were brilliantly executed, and Dan was pulling out stuff that Randy Hill would have given a "Fuckin A" high five to. Adam whipped out a several particularly tasty leads over the course of the evening. The vocals were spot on, despite a pair of serious distractions that were present near the front row which made it somewhat difficult to not crack up for most of the set.

In short, one of the best Sprout sets I've seen, and I've logged a BUNCH of em over the last several years. This was one I was wishing to hell I'd taped.


Here's the gallery: